2009 - 2010 Results


2009-2010 Season Club Championship Tournament Results!

Eric Wicklund erupted from the lowest seed position on the playoff ladder to face Matt Reklaitis in the championship finals, which were played during the June tournament. In a grueling best of 5 9-point matches, Eric overcame being down 2 matches to none to beat Matt (himself a former club champion!) in the fifth and final match.

The semi-finalists were Alex Zamanian and Herb Gurland.

Other players who earned a start in the club championship tournament based on final standings in the point race were Anne Bidner, Greg Jukins, and Tom O'Riordan.

Congratulations to Eric Wicklund , the 2010 NEBC Champion!



9 players competed, with Herb Gurland defeating Tom O'Riordan in the finals. Ed Ahola won the consolation. As previously announced, all partipants in this final tourney of the year, which does not earn points towards the current season, will be given 15 playoff points toward the 2010-2011 season points race. This includes Eric and Matt, who were present, playing the chamionship finals match. This practice will be continued next year to encourage all players to participate in the June tournament.



In a field of 10 players, Alex Zamanian beat Greg Jukins in the finals to win the May bonus tournament, cementing 1st seed in the championship tournament, and earning a bye in the first round. Anne Bidner defeated Matt Reklaitis in the consolation.


Herb Gurland defeated Anne Bidner in the finals. Alex Zamanian defeated Marcus Hermansen in the consolation. The point race is close, with just the May bonus points tournament to go! Three players are close to the lead, which will give a bye in the playoffs. Many players are in range to earn a spot in the playoffs with a good showing in May.


We had a field of 22 players, more than we have had in some time. Anne Bidner extended her streak of cashes to 6 months by winning the tournament, defeating Doug Roberts in the final. The semifinalists ere Yan Friedman and Alex Zamanian, who now has only a narrow lead over Anne in the points race. Greg Jukins beat Dave Metz in the Consolation finals.


Tom O'Riordan beat Eric Sulkala in the finals; semifinalists were John Smidt and Matt Reklaitis. Herb Gurland beat Anne Bidner in the consolation finals.


Alex Zamanian beat Herb Gurland in the finals; semifinalists were Roger Rondeau and Marty Storer. Matt Reklaitis beat Anne Bidner in the consolation.

January is New Players Month! If your first visit to the club was during the current (2009-2010) season, you will receive $10 off your entry fee in the January 16th tournament. Players showing up at the club for the first time in January are also eligible for the discount.


Alex Zamanian beat Herb Gurland in the finals; semifinalists were Roger Rondeau and Marty Storer. Matt Reklaitis beat Anne Bidner in the consolation.


Matt Reklaitis came out on top of the first bonus tournament of the season. Anne Bidner was the other finalist. Alex Zamanian defeated Herb Gurland in the consolation.


Alex Zamanian defeated Anne Bidner in the finals. Herb Gurland beat Eric Wicklund in the consolation. We had a small tournament with only 8 players, probably because it was only 2 weeks after the September tournament. Don't miss the November bonus tournament which features longer matches and bonus points.


We had a full bracket of 16 to start our 2009-2010 season. Tom O'Riordan won, defeating Marty Storer in the finals. The semifinalists were Eric Wicklund and Matt Reklaitis. In the consolation, Doug Roberts defeated Dave Boulay. Reigning club champ Alex Zamanian went 2 and out, indicating that last season's domination including 3 tournaments won in a row was a fluke.

FINAL 2009-2010 Points Race

1 Alex Zamanian 528
2 Anne Bidner 469
3 Herb Gurland 386
4 Matt Reklaitis 299
5 Greg Jukins 271
6 Tom O'Riordan 208
7 Eric Wicklund 152
  Doug Roberts 116
  Marty Storer 84
  Eric Sulkala 81
  John Smidt 77
  Marcus Hermansen 68
  Phyllis Seidel 67
  Yan Friedman 46
  Roger Rondeau 41
  Ed Aloha 41
  Gil Evans 36
  John Lorenz 36
  Patty Geoffroy 35
  Dave Metz 35
  Dave Boulay 33
  Bob Haskell 30
  Andrew McKinnes 28
  Dan Chicoine 27
  Jim McKenna 22
  Tom Meyer 21
  Mark Houser 17
  Kevin Doherty 16
  Ed Murray 16
  Howard Peele 11
  Kev Tevekelian 11
  Gerhard Roland 9
  Dave Brown 9
  Karl Von Laudermann 9
  James Hadley 7
  Wanda Roberts 4
  Philip Hodson 2
  Dave Kiddie 2
  Chris Knapp 2
  Brad Mampe 2
  Michael Urban 2