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The NEBC is a club for playing backgammon, and encourages players of all abilities to come and check us out. Newcomers to backgammon and tournament play are especially welcome, and are always given a cornucopia of help when playing at the club.

We meet at the Dockside Restaurant in Malden, MA
located at 229 Centre Street (Route 60).

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure a place in the draw.

Please liberally order food and drink, so that we remain valued patrons of the Dockside. Your entry fee includes a free menu item (up to $5), or a $5 discount off of your total food and drink bill. Please tell the server you are with the club (we run one tab), and settle up with the tournament director before leaving.

Congratulations to Howard Rosenthal, the 2013-2014 NEBC Champion!

2014-2015 Tournament Schedule

Saturday, Sep   6th   12:00
Saturday, Oct   4th   12:00
Saturday, Nov   8th   12:00   (Bonus points! Longer matches!)
Saturday, Dec   6th   12:00
Saturday, Jan   3rd   12:00
Saturday, Feb   7th   12:00
Saturday, Mar   7th   12:00
Saturday, Apr   4th   12:00
Saturday, May   2nd   12:00   (Bonus points! Longer matches!)
Saturday, Jun   6th   12:00


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2014-2015 Points Race


March Tournament

For the second straight time we had an enthusiastic crowd of 22 players for our monthly event. Albert Steg defeated Shahin Sadeghzadeh in the Main finals; semifinalists were Phyllis Seidel and Marty Storer. Daniel Stroe beat Alex Zamanian to win the Consolation.

Albert is a long time player who has at times been away from the game and who last won an NEBC tournament 20 years ago, in 1995. In the past few years he has become active again and has recently greatly improved into a very stong player. We won't have to wait until 2035 for his next tournament win!

February Tournament

A week after the Super Bowl brought another strong showing of 22 players and featured a super finals matchup. Marty Storer prevailed over Alex Zamanian to take the Main; semifinalists were Tom Kunysz and Tom O'Riordan. Roger Rondeau defeated Steve Cummings to win the Consolation.

January Tournament

The Club's season reached its midpoint as we welcomed in the new year. 17 players competed in the event, including one first timer- Sokratis Frantzis. Alex Zamanian won the Main by prevailing over Tony Wuersch in the finals; semifinalists were Albert Steg and Eric Wicklund. Herb Gurland defeated Steve Cummings to take the Consolation.

In the NEBC points race Herb maintained the lead, while Alex's win left him tied with Eric for second place.

December Tournament

The Club had 29 players, a record since we moved to Malden in 2006. There were 3 new players- Marty Orloff, Jeremy Kornwitz, and Robin Clayton (Jeremy is the son and Robin is the daughter of recent new NEBC players).

Eric Wicklund defeated Jeremy in the finals of the Main; semifinalists were Marty and Howard Rosenthal. Herb Gurland won the Consolation over Tom Kunysz. Eric's victory moved him into second place in the points race behind Herb.

November Tournament

We had 22 contestants for the Club's Bonus Event, including one new player- David Kornwitz. Herb Gurland prevailed over Steve Cummings to win the Main; the semifinalists were Marty Storer and David Kornwitz. Alex Zamanian defeated Tom O'Riordan in the finals of the Consolation.

By virtue of their strong showings in this tournament, which awarded double points to winners, Herb moved into first place in the points race, with Steve second and Alex a very close third.

October Tournament

Among the 23 entrants to our Oct. tournament were 4 new players to the Club- Josh White, Ted Backus, Bogdan Ianculescu and Philip Ring. Philip is the son of the late Howard Ring, who was a great backgammon player and an even better person.

Ed Ahola defeated Herb Gurland to win the finals of the Main; semifinalists were Alex Zamanian and Dave Cox. Daniel Bluestone won the Consolation over Tony Wuersch.

September Tournament

The Club kicked off the 2014-2015 season with a good crowd of 21 players, including 5 new ones- Sebastien Biscans, Daniel Bluestone, Michael Crystal, James Grew and Allen Nitschelm.

The finals of the Main featured a duel between the Club's last 2 champions, Marty Storer and Howard Rosenthal, who holds the current title. Marty prevailed, and probably wouldn't mind replicating his amazing feat of 2 years ago when he entered 3 NEBC tournaments and won them all! The semifinalists were Steve Cummings and Daniel Stroe. Eric Wicklund defeated Anne Bidner to win the Consolation.