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The NEBC is a club for playing backgammon, and encourages players of all abilities to come and check us out. Newcomers to backgammon and tournament play are especially welcome, and are always given a cornucopia of help when playing at the club.

We meet at the Dockside Restaurant in Malden, MA
located at 229 Centre Street (Route 60).

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure a place in the draw. Also, bring your own board. But if you don't have one, no problem, we'll have extras.

Please liberally order food and drink, so that we remain valued patrons of the Dockside. Your entry fee includes a free menu item (up to $5), or a $5 discount off of your total food and drink bill. Please tell the server you are with the club (we run one tab), and settle up with the tournament director before leaving.

Congratulations to Albert Steg, the 2014-2015 NEBC Champion!

2015-2016 Tournament Schedule

Saturday, Sep   12th   12:00
Saturday, Oct   17th   12:00
Saturday, Nov   14th   12:00   (Bonus points! Longer matches!)
Saturday, Dec   12th   12:00
Saturday, Jan   23rd   12:00
Saturday, Feb   13th   12:00
Saturday, Mar   12th   12:00
Saturday, Apr   9th   12:00
Saturday, May   14th   12:00   (Bonus points! Longer matches!)
Saturday, Jun   11th   12:00


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* Rules Of The Game

Club Championship Playoffs

First two rounds are best 2 out of 3, 9 point matches.
Final round is best 3 out of 5, 9 point matches.

1st Round

1 Alex Zamanian
5Albert Steg

4Marty Storer

3Eric Wicklund

6Daniel Bluestone

7Tony Wuersch

2Tom O'Riordan

2015-2016 Points Race


May Tournament

In our 100.05% return May tournament, Eric Sulkala broke through the field of 23 players, beating director extraordinaire Karen Davis in the finals to take first place. Semi-finalists were Alex Zamanian and Marty Storer. Rich Sweetman defeated Albert Steg in the finals of the consolation round.

April Tournament

In a tournament with big playoff implications, 22 enthusiastic players showed up to compete in April. Tony Wuersch defeated Daniel Stroe in the 13- point final match, placing him in the thick of this season's top 7 playoff points earners who earn a spot in the season-end playoffs after the May tournament. Semi finalists were Tom O'Riordan (still #2 in the points race) and new member, but apparently no stranger to skilled gammon, Steve Morrow. Consolation finals was contested between Marty Storer (#6) and Daniel Bluestone (#4) where Daniel prevailed.

March Tournament

Lots of out-of-towners, many of whom are strong players, showed up for our March tournament to give a packed house of 27 players. However, it was in-towner Alex Zamanian beating Marty Storer in the finals. Semi-finalists were Michael Kay and Adam Rosen. First and second in the consolation were Eric Wicklund and Karen Davis respectively.

February Tournament

It was cold, but the action was hot! 29 players including a slew of new players showed up to compete in the February tournament. This was the most since 30 showed up for the September tournament earlier this season. Newish, but very strong Ahmet Bolat took 1st place over 2nd place Anne Bidner. Semi-finalists were new member Oliver Outerbridge and Daniel Bluestone who continued his consistent performance this year. Alex Zamanian took down David Kornwitz in the finals of the Consolation round.

January Tournament

21 players ignored the bad weather report and showed up in January ready to roll. Jeremy Kornwitz entered for the first time this season, but apparently wasn't rusty at all because he took 1st place. Marty Storer took 2nd in his first cash of the year. Semi-finalists were Phyllis Seidel and Daniel Bluestone. Meanwhile, the consolation finals featured Eric Wicklund beating Steve Cummings.

December Tournament

A new tournament and a new winner, just the way we like it! The 21 player December tournament was won by Daniel Bluestone, his first ever NEBC gold medal. 2nd place went to David Kornwitz and the semi-finalists were Tony "Backgammon" Wuersch and Eric Wicklund. Consolation finals was won by lasts month's Main tournament winner, Alex Zamanian and second place in the Consolation went to veteran player John Smidt.

November Tournament

26 players showed up ready to roll in the NEBC Big Bonus Points Tournament with longer matches and higher entry fees and prize money (and lobster rolls!). Tom O'Riordan made it to the finals for the second month in a row, but he was vanquished by Alex Zamanian in the 15 point final match. Semi-finalists were Steve Cummings and David Bowen.

The consolation finals, played late in the evening, featured Ahmet Bolat, a new player this year (but no stranger to kicking butt), beating Tony Wuersch.

October Tournament

Another large crowd competed in the October tournament. When the 26 players were whittled down to two, it was the classic battle of the Toms -- O'Riordan vs. Kunysz. The luck (or is it skill?) of the Irish prevailed when Tom O'Riordan brought home the gold. Semi-finalists were Daniel Bluestone and Howard Rosenthal.

David Bowen, after losing his first match in the main, went on to win 5 straight in the consolation round to take first place. His final victim was Albert Steg.

September Tournament

A big crowd of 30 players showed up to compete in the inaugural tournament of the 2015-2016 season. Club Champion Albert Steg prevailed in the main round by defeating Sid Bourne in the 13-point finals. Semi-finalists were Dan Chicoine and Greg Jukins. Down in the finals of the consolation round, it was Eric Wicklund over Tom O'Riordan.